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No Substitutions.  No bullshit.

We're a group of chefs in Los Angeles, CA who like to eat, drink, and host parties.  And we wanna invite you to every one of them.

Without sugarcoating it, Made For Chefs|Events got its start from us being fed up with the daily grind doing the same-old routine. Day in and day out, we deal with people who want to substitute every ingredient, Yelpers who think their "elite", and boring-ass recipes that just need to GTFO.  As cooks, we take our cuisine very seriously and being held back from doing what we love fucks with our heads.

So as an outlet, we started hosting culinary competitions between chefs around town who wanted to exercise their creativity and put their skills to the test.  We invited people who were looking for a unique culinary experience and diners who were excited to drink and eat food made the "Chef's Way".  The freedom to cook and create whatever we wanted was addicting and soon enough, word was getting out.  Today, Made For Chef|Events is building it's reputation as the ultimate culinary playground for chefs to just have fun.  We're stoked to be a place for innovation and experimentation.  It's also fucking cool that people are paying to come join us too.  So, thanks for supporting our crew and letting us keep doing what we do.

Join us at the table, grab a seat and let's eat (and drink)!